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Black Felt Slippers


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Black Felt Slippers by Egos-Copenhagen.

These felt slippers are made from natural sheep´s wool. Wool is the perfect material for an indoor shoe. The shoe has a double sole of felt that make it extra comfortable and pleasant. The outer sole is suede. The shoes are 100% handmade in Nepal. Egos are Fair Trade certified by The World Fair Trade Organization.

Sheep’s wool is the perfect material for making slippers. Wool is a natural product with great insulating properties. It allows the feet to breathe, and the slipper never feel too hot or too cold.

Wool can absorb up to 30% moisture without feeling wet, and without losing its insulating property. Moreover, natural wool contains lanolin, which makes the wool resistant to dirt, moisture and grime, and also reduces odours. When you start to use your Egos slipper, they take on the form of your individual foot.

Maintenance of your Ego’s slippers
Vacuum your Ego’s slippers to remove dust. They can then also be washed in wool soap by hand. After the shoe is washed, put the wet shoe on the foot so that it takes shape again after the foot. Then remove the shoe and leave out to dry.

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