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Ring Size Chart

 Ring Size  Circumference Ring Size Circumference
A 37.8mm N 53.8mm
B 39.1mm O 55.1mm
C 40.4mm P 56.3mm
D 41.7mm Q 57.6mm
E 42.9mm R 58.9mm
F 44.2mm S 60.2mm
G 45.5mm T 61.4mm
H 46.8mm U 62.7mm
I 48mm V 64mm
J 48.7mm W 65.3mm
K 50mm X 66.6mm
L 51.2mm Y 67.8mm
M 52.5mm Z 68.5mm


What is ring size and how to measure it?

Rings are measured using the circumference of your finger. A ring should fit snuggly. Not so tight that they are uncomfortable and not so loose that they can fall off. You can get your ring measured at a jewellers (these tools can also be bought online) but it can also be done using a tape measure or piece of string using the size guide shown above.

Measuring ring size using string or paper

Begin by wrapping the string or paper around the base of the finger you would like the ring to fit on. Mark the point where the ends meet with a pen then measure the length with a ruler in mm. Then refer to the chart to find the closest measurement. Bear in mind, if your knuckle is bigger than the base of your finger, measure both and choose a size in between.

 How can I guess my partner/friends’ rings size?

If you are buying a ring for a friend or partner without their knowledge the best way in which you can find out their ring size is to borrow a ring they are already wearing. Draw around the inside circumference or make an ‘imprint’ by pressing it into a bar of soap or play-doh then measure the shape and refer to the table above. There are also apps where you can place a ring on to your phone to measure the size. 

Things to consider when measuring ring size

  • It’s better to measure ring size in the evening rather than morning as fingers tend to be larger in the evening than the morning.
  • When selecting a ring with a large bandwidth it might feel tighter so you may need to go up a size. Additionally, rings with large stones can sometimes ‘lift up’ when on their side so again you may need a larger size
  • The dominant hand tends to be slightly bigger so bear this in mind.
  • Fingers can react to temperatures. Fingers tend to swell in warmer weather and shrink in cold weather. Avoid measuring ring size on a particularly cold or hot day.
  • If you are between 2 sizes it is advisable to go up a ring size